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Operators are used to connect operands, i. e., constants and variables, to form expressions.


For example, in the expression a+s, a and s are operands and + is the operator. Depending on the number of operands on which an operator operates, the operators in C language can be grouped into three categories: unary operators, binary operators and ternary operators.

A unary operator takes only one operand, as in -x, whereas a binary operator operates on two operands, as in a+b. A ternary operator takes three operands, as in (a > b) ? a : b, where the conditional expression operator (? :) is a ternary operator.

Depending on how the operators are used with the operands, there are three forms: infix operators, prefix operators and posifix operators. An infix operator is used between the operands, as in a+b and c*d. A prefix operator is used before an operand, as in -a, whereas a postfix operator is used after an operand, as in y- - , where - - is the decrement operator.

C language provides a very powerful set of operators. The commonly used operators include arithmetic, relational, equality, logical and assignment operators.


                                      Commonly used operators in the C language

Operator Category



Arithmetic operators

Perform arithmetic operations, namely, addition (+), subtraction  (- ), multiplication (*), division (/), modulo arithmetic (%),  increment (++),decrement(--), negation(-) and unary plus (+)

+  - * /

% ++ --

Relational operators

Perform comparison operations, namely, less than (<),greater  than (>), less than or equal to (<=) and greater than or equal to (>=)

<  >

< = > =

Equality operators

Perform equality (==) and inequality ( !=) tests

== !=

Logical operators

Join simple conditional expressions using AND(&&),OR (II) and NOT ( !) operations to form compound conditional expressions (Boolean expressions)

&& ||

Assignment operators

Assign a value (of a constant, variable or expression) to a variable

= += -=

*= /= %=


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