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• Once web server is started one daemon process will be started to listen to clients continuously and to trap and take the client generated Http request.

• The process that runs continuously is called as daemon process.

• Every java application contains two default threads.

   1. Main threads

   2. Garbage collector threads (daemon thread).

• JSP container is the enhancement of servlet container and both containers use JRE/JVM supplied by web server.

• Middle ware services are configurable additional services on the application to make applications executing perfectly in all the situations.

• Security middle ware service protects the application from unauthorized and unauthenticated users.

            Architecture of Java Based web Server

• Transaction Management service executes the logics by applying do everything or nothing principle.

JDBC connection pool supplies set of ready available JDBC Connection objects.

• Logging service keeps track of the application execution process through conformation statements / messages / log messages.

• Middle ware services are not minimum logics of application development. they are additional or optional services to apply on applications.

• A web application can be there with or without middle ware services.

• Web server automatically activates servlet container and JSP container to execute servlet, JSP programs when they are requested by clients.

• The client side web resource programs of web application goes to browser window for execution whereas the server side programs will be executed by using the containers of web server.

• In web application executing environment browser software is called as client software and web server software is called as server software.

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