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• Listens to client request continuously (HTTP Request).

• Traps and takes client generated HTTP Request.

• Passes the HTTP request to an appropriate web resource program of web application (deployed web application).

• provides container software to execute server side programs (web resource programs)

• Gathers output generated by web resource programs.

• Passes output of web resource programs to browser window as http response in the form of web page.

• Provide environment to deploy manage and to undeploy the web application.

• Gives middle ware services and etc.

• A container is a software or software application that can manage the whole life cycle (Object birth to death) of given resource.(like java classes).

• A file or program is called as resource of the application.

• Servlet container takes care of servlet program life cycle.

• JSP container takes care of JSP program lifecycle.

• Applet container (applet viewer) takes care of applet program lifecycle.

• Servlet container, JSP containers are part of web server (java based).

• Container is like a aquarium who can take care of the whole life cycle of given resources called fishes.

• Programmer is not responsible to develop containers and web servers but he is responsible to use them to execute web application.

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