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Process based Server Side Technology

• The procedure of transferring control from one process to another process or from one thread to another thread is called as the scheduling based control jumping or context switching.

• Since operating system process are heavy weight process so they take lot of time for control jumping or context switching.

• Due to this when more requests are given CGI based web application more operating system processes will be created on one per request basis and performance of website will be degraded (That means web application becomes non scalable web application).

• If application is giving same performance irrespective of increase or decrease in number of clients / no. of requests is called as scalable application.

           Process based Server Side Technology

Thread based Server Side Technology

Operating System managed process P1 representing the web server startup t1,t2,t3,t4 core threads started on servlet program related object representing request given by clients.

           Thread based Server Side Technology

• The control jumping between threads of a process takes very much less time when compare to control jumping between to separate processes, so we can say thread based server side technology gives better performance when compare to process based server side technologies.

• The web application that is developed based on thread based server side technologies is scalable application.

• servlet program is a single instance multiple threads based java component of java web application as shown above, that means if 100 request are give to single servlet program then the servlet container create only one object for that servlet program class but starts 100 threads on that object representing 100 request as shown above.

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