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List displays a list of items. It allows the user to make multiple selections from the given list of items. The list component is added in a scroll pane, so that the long list of items is scrollable. A list is an object of JList class.

Some of the constructors defined by JList class are as follows.

JList ()

JList(Object[] listdata)


listdata represents the array of Object type that displays the elements


import java.applet.Applet;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
public class JavaExampleMultiSelectInApplet extends Applet implements ActionListener
        List Lst;
        TextField Txt;
        Button BtnShw;
        String Slctns[];
        public void init(){
        Txt = new TextField(40);
        Lst = new List(4,true);
        Lst.add("Item One");
        Lst.add("Item two");
        Lst.add("Item three");
        Lst.add("Item Four");
        Lst.add("Item five");
        Lst.add("Item Six");
        Lst.add("Item Seven");
        Lst.add("Item Nine");
        Lst.add("Item Ten");
        BtnShw = new Button("Show Selections");
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e1)
           String OutStrng = new String("You Choose:");
           if(e1.getSource() == BtnShw)
                 Slctns = Lst.getSelectedItems();
                for(int loopIndx = 0; loopIndx < Slctns.length; loopIndx++)
                       OutStrng += " " + Slctns[loopIndx];
/*<APPLET  CODE=JavaExampleMultiSelectInApplet.class WIDTH=300  HEIGHT=200 ></APPLET>*/

Java - List - Select Multiple items Example

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