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In a Java Swing, A JFrame is the class that represents the window in which graphics applications running on Java. JFrame Class is the top-level container that contains content pane all visible components contain in the content pane. The usual procedure to be used to create a new class that inherits from JFrame. Normally JFrame's are used as primary containers, that is, not contained in other containers.

A frame is often put a main panel from which the other elements are organized. To place this main panel method is used.
public void setContentPane(Cantainer contentPane)

import java.awt.*;

import javax.swing.*;
public class JFrameContentPane  extends JFrame
     private final int SIZE = 200;
     private Container con = getContentPane();
     private JButton BtnClckIt = new JButton("Click it");
     public JFrameContentPane()
          super("JFrame ContentPane Layout in Java Swing Example");
          con.setLayout(new FlowLayout());
         public static void main(String[] args)
            JFrameContentPane JFrameCP = new JFrameContentPane();

JFrame ContentPane Layout

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