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When a Process is executed by the CPU and when a user Request for another Process then this will create disturbance for the Running Process. This is also called as the Interrupt.

Interrupts can be generated by User, Some Error Conditions and also by Software’s and the hardware’s. But CPU will handle all the Interrupts very carefully because when Interrupts are generated then the CPU must handle all the Interrupts Very carefully means the CPU will also Provides Response to the Various Interrupts those are generated. So that When an interrupt has Occurred then the CPU will handle by using the Fetch, decode and Execute Operations.

Types of Interrupts

Generally there are three types o Interrupts those are Occurred For Example

1)   Internal Interrupt
2)   Software Interrupt.
3)   External Interrupt.

The External Interrupt occurs when any Input and Output Device request for any Operation and the CPU will Execute that instructions first For Example When a Program is executed and when we move the Mouse on the Screen then the CPU will handle this External interrupt first and after that he will resume with his Operation.

The Internal Interrupts are those which are occurred due to Some Problem in the Execution For Example When a user performing any Operation which contains any Error and which contains any type of Error. So that Internal Interrupts are those which are occurred by the Some Operations or by Some Instructions and the Operations those are not Possible but a user is trying for that Operation. And The Software Interrupts are those which are made some call to the System for Example while we are Processing Some Instructions and when we wants to Execute one more Application Programs.

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