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Process: Process is the job which is the under Execution. Process is also known as the Running Job. For Execution there must be a System call which call the Processor or CPU for Performing any Operation. Process includes reading data from a File, Writing a Data from a File, Printing a document means to Say any Type of Operation is known as the Process. Every Process has some Attributes Like

1) Process ID or Identification Number.- Process id is given by the CPU when we Request for an Operation. Process id is also known as a unique identification Number which is Available when we request for a service. As we know there are many types of Operation those are performed on the Computer. So that for identification means which Process will be executed.

2)   Process Name. : Name Specify the Description of the Process. Name of Operation which is performed by the Process. For      Example Move the Mouse, Click on My Computer, Play the Song etc.

3)   Process State (Ready, Active, Wait or Suspend). The Process has Some States, State Specify the Process State means      whether a Process is running or not, Whether a Process wait for CPU etc.

There are three Types of States

1)   Ready: Process wills Ready State, when we completed all the Input and Outputs. After giving the input, we wait for the      Execution. After the Completion of user Interaction means after all the Inputs and Outputs.

2)   Active: Active Means Process is running under the CPU.

3)   Wait: When a Process is waiting for the Input and Outputs from the user then this is called as on Wait State.

Process State will give you the Information about the Status of the Process.

4)   Process Resources: For Running a Process, then there are many Resources used. For entering some data then we must use  the Keyboard and for Sending data to the Computer CPU has used. So that For Performing any Operation, what types of  Resources. All the Devices those are attached with the Computer are known as Resources of the System.

5)   Scheduling Information. : Scheduling is used when there is Many Process those are running at a Time. Which Process will      be executed by the CPU? So that we use the Scheduling, determines the Time of CPU, Means CPU Time Divided into the various Processes.

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