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The software is a kind of programs that enable a user to perform some specific task or used to operate a computer. It directs all the peripheral devices on a computer system - what to do and how to perform work. Without Software, we can’t operate hardware and perform any calculations. A computer system can be divided into three components: the hardware, the software and the users. The software can be further divided into mainly two parts: Application software and System Software. Bare use of hardware is not easy, so to make it easy software is created.

System Software: System Software (a type of computer program) provides a platform to run computer’s hardware and computer application to utilise system resources and solve their computation problem. It is written in a low-level language, like assembly language so it can easily interact with hardware with basic level. It controls working of peripheral devices.System software act as a scheduler for the execution of the processes and arrange the sequence according to their priority and I/O devices requirement and creation of the process. The best-known example of system software is the operating system (OS).It responsible for manages all the other programs on a computer.

Application Software: Applications software is capable of dealing with user inputs and helps the user to complete the task. It is also called end-user programs or only an app. It resides above system software. First user deal with system software after that he/she deals with application software. The end user uses applications software for a specific purpose. It programmed for simple as well as complex tasks. It either be installed or access online. It can be a single program or a group of small programs that referred to as an application suite. Some examples of Application Software are Word processing software, Spreadsheets Software, Presentation, Graphics, CAD/CAM, Sending email etc.

Types of Application Software: According to the need of users it is categorized into following types.

1) Presentation Software: Presentation program is a program to show the information in the form of slides. We can add text, graphics video and images to slides to make them more informative.

The software has three components:

1) Text editor for inputting and formatting text.

2) Inserting graphics, text, video and other multimedia files.

3) Slideshow to display the information.

Presentation software helps the presenter to present their ideas with ease and visual information easy to understand. Example of presentation software: Microsoft's PowerPoint and Apple's Keynote.

2) Spreadsheet Software: Spreadsheet software is used to perform manipulate and calculations. In spreadsheet software data is stored in intersection row and column. The intersection of row and column is known as a cell. The cell labelled with the row and column label like A1, A2 etc. While entering data into the cell, we can also define the data value like text, date, time, number. It provides many formula and function to perform calculations like arithmetic operations, logical operations, text operation etc. It provides charts, graphs to display data graphically. For example Microsoft Excel, lotus 1-2-3 for windows and number for MAC OS.

3) Database Software: Database is a collection of data related to any applications. Today is environment every application has some database where data regarding users stored. For this purpose, we used database software. When we operate the application data is accessed from the database, and after manipulation, it gets back stored in the database.

Database Management System (DBMS) software tool used for storing, modifying extracting and searching for information within a database. MySQL, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle is the example of database application Software.

4) Multimedia Software: Multimedia is a combination of text, graphics, audio and Multimedia software used in the editing of video, audio and text. Multimedia software used in the growth of business, educations, information, remote system and entertainment.

Entertainment: This area deal with the general public, media and telecommunication. With the growth entertainment mode, many application is available for mobile phone as well as the system. Like Music and video entertainment app, navigation app, social networking application, news and weather application, educational apps and e-book reader’s app for preparation of any type of exams.

5) Simulation Software: Simulation is an imitation of real world and environment. The simulation creates a physical environment of the real world to represent the similar behaviour, function and key nature of the selected topic. Simulation is technology for education, engineering, testing, training, video games and for scientific modelling of natural systems to gain insight into their functioning. The simulation used in the area of the real world where the real system cannot be accessible or may be dangerous or unacceptable. Area of technology flight, economics, automobiles, Robotics, digital lifecycle, Space Shuttle Navigation, weather.

6) Word Processing Software: Word Processing software is used to manipulate, format the text, to create memos, letters, faxes and documents. Processing Software is used to format and beautify the text. It provides a list of features. Likethesaurus, the option provides synonyms, antonyms and related words for chosen word or phrase. Find and replace feature enables users to scan and replace selected words or phrases in the document. Font option provides font colour, font style, font effect, font size to modify the txt. Word Art option to modify or animated titles, hyphens, columns and text boxes in documents. Grammar and Spelling check option available for checking errors. Many more option is listed here in software.

     For example Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, Word pad and Corel WordPerfect.

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